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Investment and Insurance rolled into one

Are you interested in leaving money for your family in the event of your passing? But you don't really like the idea of buying insurance? Maybe the costs of insurance are more than you would like to spend?

Segregated funds are a very feasible option. You invest an amount of money into a secure fund, watch it grow and have it available for your family for when you pass. Segregated funds provide the security of growing your money instead of just spending it and there are no hard rules as with insurance. What you invest is what you get back, no questions asked, no chance of being denied.

Segregated funds offer certain advantages not available with insurance, such as guaranteed payout upon death. Your beneficiary gets back what has been invested.

They can be used in RRSPs and TFSAs to build up your retirement plan. When you retire you can use your segregated funds to buy an annuity to provide you with income for life.

You could even purchase funds for loved ones as investments that they can watch as it grows. An excellent idea for young adults just starting out.